Milky Oats

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Milky oats, the immature seed head of the same plant we harvest for oatmeal, is deeply nourishing to the nervous system. This herb is indicated especially for folks with a sensitive or depleted nervous system, whether you find yourself tearing up at everything, processing a recent trauma, or exhausted from chronic stress. For best effects, we recommend consistent use at high volumes (2-6 mls per day) over a period of weeks to months.

*Available in larger volumes by request*

Comes in a 2 fl oz clear glass bottle with dropper top.

Ingredients: fresh milky oat tops, distilled spirits, spring water

All herbs in this product were grown by us with great care, minimal fossil fuel usage and beyond organic practices. We prioritize ecosystem health and herb quality over all else.

1 review for Milky Oats

  1. Brando

    I love me some milky oats! It’s hard to find milky oats tincture (not oat straw tincture) so I was very pleased to find this to sooth my poor nerves. Very good quality.

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