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Beyond organic herbs grown with care and intention and harvested at peak potency. All herbs are harvested to order and ship on the next Monday or Tuesday. Fresh herbs are available in smaller quantities for pickup from the farm or at the Red River Gorge Farmers Market. Email us to schedule a pickup time.

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Fresh Herb Shipping Policy – MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING!
– We guarantee that herbs will arrive to you in usable condition when you select Express Shipping at checkout. If they don’t, we will refund you if you email us within 3 days of arrival. Express shipping packages will arrive in 1-2 days depending on your location. You can look up the predicted transit time on Please only select Priority Shipping if you are experienced with receiving shipped fresh herbs or if we have had a private conversation about it. We cannot refund damaged herbs ordered with Priority Shipping.
– By *usable*, we mean that at least 80% of the herbs are unspoiled. Even in ideal conditions, some pieces of herbs may start to degrade during shipping. This is normal and unavoidable. Think of it like buying a bag of spinach, where you may have to pick a few bad pieces out. Even under perfect shipping conditions, herbs will arrive wilted. This is normal and the herbs are still perfectly usable. In fact, many herbalists wilt their herbs on purpose before processing them to remove some of the water content.
– Fresh herbs are fragile. They need to stay cool and dry to prevent spoilage. Our herbs are all packaged in paper to prevent moisture retention in your package. If you select Priority Shipping for your herbs, it is quite likely that a portion of your herbs will begin to spoil before arriving to you. Additionally, Priority packages can often take much longer to be delivered than expected and if there is a delay, it is likely that the herbs will be completely unusable.
– Open your package as soon as the herbs arrive. We suggest rinsing your herbs before use. If you cannot process them immediately, lay them out in a thin layer out of direct sunlight and somewhere with good air circulation.
– Shipping costs will be automatically calculated at checkout. We set it up this way so that you can add and subtract herbs to your cart and see how it affects shipping costs, allowing you to make an order that maximizes the value of expensive express shipping. Please note that only a certain volume of herbs will fit in each box. If the herbs in your cart exceed our standard 12x12x12 box, you will be charged for shipping in a larger box. If you add or subtract 1 lb of herbs and the price drastically changes, that is what happened. If your order gets bumped up to the larger box, then you can usually add multiple lbs more without affecting the shipping cost.
– The shipping calculator may not exactly predict the cost of your shipping. If we pack your order and find that you were overcharged for shipping, we will refund you. If you are significantly undercharged, we will email you to confirm your order with the actual shipping costs.
– Don’t hesitate to email us with questions! sarah at

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lemonbalm (leaves), peppermint (leaves), spearmint (leaves), motherwort (leaves + flowers), st johns wort (flowering tops), stinging nettles (leaves), anise hyssop (leaves + flowers), calendula (flowers), chamomile (flowers), comfrey (leaves), wormwood (leaves), yarrow (leaves + flowers)


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