Flower Power Tea

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A fruity and floral blend to brighten your spirits. (Formerly known as Flora)

Flavor: fruity, tart, citrus

Ingredients: kapoor holy basil (tulsi) leaf and flower, lemonbalm leaf, hibiscus calyxes, calendula flowers, rose petals*
*Not grown by us, organically sourced

As always, our tea blends are made with herbs grown by us using beyond organic growing methods, then dried to perfection within a few months of your enjoyment of them!

Comes in an 11 fl oz paper-based canister containing approximately 17 servings of tea. Remove front label and clear plastic top and the rest of the packaging is compostable in your home compost pile. Store out of direct sunlight and in low humidity conditions to prolong shelf life. Dried herbs typically never “go bad” but they will lose potency over time. Consume within 6 months for best quality.

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Weight 2.8 oz

4 reviews for Flower Power Tea

  1. Jessica

    This is my favorite go-to tea! Tart, floral, beautiful and refreshing. Perfect any time of day.

  2. Lisa Mauch

    Light, airy, subtly crisp. This tea is soothing and calming. I love it hot or over ice!

  3. Jennifer Liptak

    Absolutely enchanted by the flower power tea! Delicate blooms and a hint of sweetness create a blissful tea experience. A definite favorite for serene moments.

  4. Makenzie Thelen

    Another one of my favorite teas ever! The taste is so unique and refreshing.

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