Ceramic Tea Mug with Strainer


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It’s the tea mug you’ve been dreaming about! These mugs are handmade just for us by Fern Point Pottery in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. They’re made with a gorgeous speckled clay and a dreamy, wavy glaze. Each one includes a matching ceramic tea strainer with lid. Strainers are a generous size so you can fit in lots of herbs and cover with the matching lid to trap in all the good stuff.

Each mug has the same general style and design but they are all unique. There are two color options, labeled here as “Blue” and “Green”. In reality, both colors are a bit green and blue. The Green mugs are lighter in color and Blue mugs are darker. The mugs are approximately 5 inches tall with a 3.5 inch diameter with a 2.75 inch tall strainer, though size does vary!

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