Mountain Meadow Tea

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A peak summer meadow preserved for the depths of winter (or anytime you’re feeling a little under the weather).

Flavor: spicy, warm, pungent

Ingredients: ginger root, yarrow leaf and flower, marshmallow leaf and flower, elder flowers*, bee balm leaf and flower, hoary mountain mint leaf and flower
*Not grown by us, organically sourced

As always, our tea blends are made with herbs grown by us using beyond organic growing methods, then dried to perfection within a few months of your enjoyment of them!

Comes in an 11 fl oz paper-based canister containing approximately 17 servings of tea. Remove front label and clear plastic top and the rest of the packaging is compostable in your home compost pile. Store out of direct sunlight and in low humidity conditions to prolong shelf life. Dried herbs typically never “go bad” but they will lose potency over time. Consume within 6 months for best quality.

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Weight 2.8 oz

6 reviews for Mountain Meadow Tea

  1. Beth

    I have tried several of the teas and this is the one I’ve drank the most of. I try to do all I can to support my wellness when the weather changes and this is a go-to. I like to add local honey and essential oils for an extra wellness boost. I

  2. Becca

    Our go to any time we feel a funk coming! Comforting brew during those icky seasons. Highly recommend.

  3. Ann Bucknam

    Mountain meadow is awesome! I just love it all around. It is perfect when your not feeling well and makes a difference on how your feeling. It’s like a hug❣️Just coming out of some crazy germ from end of last week and this is what I drank!!…and still drinking. Need to restock! Good stuff!

  4. Maggie

    My favorite tea I’ve tried so far! I look forward to drinking it on cold mornings and love that I get to have a little piece of summer in my cup with these dried herbs.

  5. Courtney Curtis

    My go to tea when I’m feeling sick!

  6. Amanda

    This tea is just so awesome. All of the teas I’ve tried from Among the Oaks are wonderful, but this one is just magnificent. Every time I drink it, I am so thankful for the minds and hands that made it! I’d buy a larger quantity if available!

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