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know your farmers

Sarah Barney

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Sarah is the founder, visionary and lead farmer behind Among the Oaks Herb Farm. Originally from Central Kentucky, she has come to find home in the Appalachian hills of Eastern Kentucky. She is inspired by the dense forests of the region, the many creatures who share land with her and a commitment to making positive change in her community. The farm was born out of her desire to help folks connect with plants on a deeper level and to create supportive, land-based employment for herself and others. Sarah is a big believer in finding the magic in the everyday and feels that working with medicinal herbs is an accessible and rewarding way to connect with the earth.

Before starting the farm, Sarah was a research ecologist studying insects and birds in a diversity of environments. She has worked on a variety of farms, as a farmworker or researcher, including squash in Kentucky, coffee farms in Mexico, almond orchards in California and diversified fruit and vegetable farmsteads in Ecuador and Peru. As a farmer, she applies her experience as an ecologist by managing the farm in a way that utilizes the natural cycles of the earth rather than fighting against them.

Alex Petit

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Alex is involved in all aspects of Among the Oaks – everything from sowing seeds and harvesting to blending teas and dreaming about our future. She is adept in figuring out efficient systems and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions for the many challenges that are presented to us on the farm. Alex is also the manager of our farmers market booth, so you will often see her smiling face at the RRG or Lexington Farmers Markets!

In her own words… Who I am is my favorite question. But a simple story is that I left the military, plant medicine found me and my life started anew. Everyday is a practice of coming home and discovering different tools that help me remember how. I’m fond of having experiences, citizen science and small dogs. My birthday is March 4, 1990 at 1317 in Hartford, CT and I am accepting astrological advice.

Love, Alex, shadow parts and all