Appalachian Herbals CSA

Appalachian Herbals CSA

Offerings from the forests, meadows and gardens of Appalachian Kentucky

The Appalachian Herbals CSA offers you earth medicine and seasonal nutrition in a quarterly box of plant magic. A collaboration between two herb-loving farmers, Joana (Sylvatica Forest Farm) and Sarah (Among the Oaks Herb Farm) grow and wildcraft herbs and transform them into the staples of your apothecary and kitchen. Each box offers 4-5 items, steeped in the diversity, lore and beauty of Appalachian Kentucky. We believe Food is Medicine, and you’ll see that reflected in our offerings. Our hope is that you will come to experience rich connections with the plant world by working with herbs as food and medicine in your daily life.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a model commonly used by vegetable farms – the customer buys a year’s share of products at the beginning of the season and receives regular boxes of the harvest throughout the year. It’s a great way to support farmers up front while getting a bulk discount on their harvests!

Orders for the 2023 CSA Subscription are now open! Enrollment closes in February and will not re-open until 2024.

Each box contains 4-5 products – all infused with herbs grown organically and harvested with care by us! Boxes also include an artistic zine with info about each offering, recipes, foraging tips, herbal info and ingredients for you to explore your inner alchemist. All CSA members also receive a 10% discount on other Sylvatica Forest Farm and Among the Oaks Herb Farm products.

CSA members are also invited to pick up their box at our quarterly pickup events. Events may be plant walks, workshops, farm tours, etc and are hosted near either Berea/Rockcastle Co or Beattyville/Red River Gorge. We hope you will take the opportunity to join us in community and learn together!

With this subscription, you will…
> Deepen your connection with the land by engaging with seasonal herbal preparations
> Build your home apothecary and gain confidence working with herbs in your daily life
> Benefit from seasonal plant diversity and nutrition
> Explore our Appalachian ecosystem and its native, cultivated and “invasive” plant life
> Support local regenerative farming and forest stewardship practices
> Support women-owned small businesses
> Receive 10% off additional goods from Sylvatica Forest Farm and Among the Oaks Herb Farm

Joana Amorim is a young farmer, originally from Portugal and now living in Kentucky. Daughter of a biodynamic and organic farmer, her passion for the natural world started early. Her certification in herbalism, permaculture design and her social organizing experience are the foundation to the Forest Farm concept, an integrated perennial-focused approach to farming that aims to inspire and educate the community on resilience and regenerative human interaction with the natural world, while providing high quality produce and medicine from the land. Joana is also a natural builder, a social justice activist, a visual artist, a cook, a dancer and co-founder of Sylvatica Forest Farm.

Sarah Barney is a sun-loving, dirt-worshipper rooted in Beattyville, Kentucky. A trained ecologist and beginning farmer and folk herbalist, she is dedicated to working in tandem with the earth. On her farm and homestead, she uses beyond organic practices to produce a diversity of medicinal and culinary herbs for her community. Her work aims to build self-sufficiency and community resilience through land stewardship, nature connection and health empowerment. When she’s not farming or making medicine, you can often find her reading, cooking or exploring the neighboring Red River Gorge with her partner and dog sidekick.

Questions about the CSA? Email Sarah & Joana at: sarah @