Bulk Herbs

Bulk Herbs


2021 Bulk Herb Preorders are now closed! Sign up for our Herb Availability Updates below for updates on 2022 Preorders AND to order bulk herbs as they are available (i.e. not preordering them). Preorders give you first priority to our harvest and at least a 12% volume discount. Preorder minimums per plant are 5 lbs fresh or 3 lbs dried. Please read all the information HERE before placing preorders.

Interested in bulk herbs but need less than our preorder minimum? Make sure you are signed up for our Herb Availability Updates. Each Friday during the growing season, you will receive an emailed list of our current herb availability with a link to our bulk her shop. You have until Sunday night to purchase herbs directly in the shop and we will harvest and ship them to you on the following Monday/Tuesday. Please read all the information HERE before placing any orders.

We are growing the following herbs this season… Not all herbs are available for preorder, in bulk, or dried:

Flowers: calendula, chamomile, elder flowers, california poppy, spilanthes, red clover, roses, cornflowers

Flowering tops & leaf crops: lemonbalm, peppermint, culinary mint, catnip, anise hyssop, motherwort, skullcap, st johns wort, tulsi, echincea flowers + leaves, blue vervain, bee balm/monarda, stinging nettle, wormwood, yarrow, hoary mountain mint, comfrey leaf, oatstraw, thyme, oregano, sage, marshmallow flowering tops, dill, cilantro, parsley, passionflower

Fruits & Seeds: hibiscus, elderberries, milky oat tops, rosehips

Roots: echinacea, elecampane, marshmallow, ashwagandha, ginger, turmeric, garlic, burdock

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About Our Process

Fresh Herbs

We ship fresh herbs anywhere in the continental US. Our fresh herb shipping process looks something like this: You respond to one of our Herb Availability Update emails (sent every Friday) and let us know the herbs and quantities you’d like. We plan to send your herbs during our next shipping window (Mon – Tues) and give you an approximate quote for shipping costs. We prefer to ship herbs using USPS Express shipping (1-2 days). Keep in mind express shipping costs are expensive and fluctuate daily. We do our best to minimize costs as much as possible! To minimize spoilage potential, fresh herbs are harvested at their peak potency, wrapped in paper and delivered to the post office at the end of day. There is an inherent risk in shipping fresh, live plants. You should not expect that they will be in the same condition when they get to you as when they left us. BUT, most of the time the herbs are in great shape and much more potent than dried herbs!

Dried Herbs

Herbs are dried and processed on-farm in our climate-controlled herb drying facility. Due to high humidity levels in Eastern Kentucky, we dry our herbs entirely indoors using circulating fans and a dehumidifier. This method, along with using no direct sunlight, results in a final product that is incredibly similar in taste, smell, color and potency to the living plant. We are in the process of installing a solar system so this process will be completely free of fossil fuels by Summer 2021!